a Hungarian love letter. (edit: in English) (edit: actually pictures)

The best days of 2016? Give me a break. I cannot possibly reach back in the file folders of the past twelve months and decipher that one point where my dopamine was through the roof and my body was sore from laughter. Yet here I am, for the first time, claiming a moment, or moments,

If it’s 2025 and the metro is a museum and each stop houses an exhibit…

Welcome to the Prague Metro Museum. I’m AL, your tour guide. Please feel free to stop me whenever you have a question. Actually, on second thought, please hold all questions until you have access to Google. Anyways, as I was saying, welcome. We have just arrived at Hradčanska – just next to the stop where

If you lived in Prague and your brain only functioned in low quality GIFs*

You teach English so your mornings are more this than this You teach local kids and adults in their homes so as to not only afford your expatriate lifestyle, but to experience culture firsthand and develop pretty cool relationships…relationships that require you to walk and ride  and walk  And forget to look up at the pretty freaking amazing searingly